I have come to take office and would like REVIVE Sapporo Co., Ltd. to be the most  trusted and enlightened real-state company. For all that, I will do all I can to deliver the service to establish the trust of our customers. We'll strive to meet our client’s  expectations with the experience we had, and give satisfaction to our clients.  I am excited to go on this journey of the Japanese real-estate industry.

I'd like to share our culture, passions and hopefully the memory that stay within. 

I believe that REVIVE Sapporo Co., Ltd. provides unique service and a way to make  our customer’s dream come true. Now it’s still hard to overcome the Covid-19 and we don’t know what’s going to happen.  But I will continue to seek ideas, by staying resilient and optimistic.

I spoke to many people, and know it’s difficult to start to own property in Japan for the foreigners.  There are more and more of asking questions and supports by our  foreign customers about investing in real-estate industry in Japan.  Yet,  very few  were answered for help. I am working to build a team to focus on that issue. I also want to share many opportunities on business scales to support for your business.